Standard Big Bags

Standard BIG BAGS

Fill Better, Stack Better, Ship Better with our big bags


Saccone derived from weaving yarns of PP on circular machines. Economic and internal capacity with a load equal to 100% of its volume (due to the lack of seams on the sides).


U Panel

Packed with fabric straight, consists of a body with “U” to which are sewn the two side panels. They are then applied to the 4 lifting straps and seams any dust. Ensures high resistance to the load flow.


VV Filling and discharge spout
VC Filling spout and closed bottom
CV Top skirt and discharge spout
CC Top skirt and closed bottom
AC Open top and closed bottom
AV Open top and discharge spout



Printing Up to three colors
Seams Over lock and dustproof
Fabric Uncoated or coated
SWL From 500 kg to 2000 kg
SF 5:1 or 6:1
PE Liner Sewn-glued or free insert
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