Small bags

The Small bags Sebino Pack, handy and resistant, is made from virgin fabric that can be laminated with polypropylene film allowing the sealing of the bag or to adjust the normal transpiration of the bagged product.

These bags may have anti-UV to resist ultraviolet rays of the sun.



A Busta In a flat rectangular shape or “busta”
A Soffietto n the shape of a “bellows” that allows the bag, when filled, assume a boxy shape facilitating the pallettizzazione and/or l’impilamento


The variants of the bag of polypropylene are:

With mouth thermally cut (hot sealing) To prevent fraying of the mouth opening of the bag can be cut when hot to weld together the strip of polypropylene thus avoiding contamination inside the bag.
With hemmed edge at the mouth The bag has a seam (overlock) to the mouth aimed at improving the resistance to fraying and the degree of finish of the bag
With strap closure (fix lock) A wrist strap, or lanyard sliding is applied to the mouth to close the bag once filled.
Colours Depending on the amount you can request supply the bag in multiple variations of colors or printed (3 colors)
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