SEBINO PACK, thanks to international relationship with important producers and logistics philosophy of JUST IN TIME, can respond to all customers packaging needs at a competitive price.
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FIBC: the raw materials used for the construction of big bags come from Isotactic polypropylene, 100% pure and not contaminated (absence of Ca (OH) 2) and uv stabilized for 12 months. All big bags of Sebino Pack are certified and guaranteed In accordance with the regulations and standards FIBC Also HACCP.

Vision and customer care

The Sebino Pack is at the center of its activities, the customer and his needs. For this reason, the Sebino Pack has built a service of “customer care” Which puts the utmost dedication and professionalism. The selection of suppliers and raw materials is According to the different needs of the market and customers who increasingly prefer a customized product but readily available.

We trust in customer service

SEBINO PACK is Able to Respond quickly to customer of, and Provided for reliable and efficient service without Increasing costs, however.
Availability working time
‎Loyal customers
Delivery in 3 working days
Environmental policy

About the company

The SEBINO PACK, a young and modern company in the packaging industry provides BIG BAGS (flexible packaging in polypropylene) and complementary packages, such as extensible-caps-polyethylene bags and polypropylene bag making (raffia)..

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The philosophy of SEBINO PACK is to be not only a supplier of goods but a partner who can accompany the client in proposing the most ideal choice of packaging solutions and availability, and be a service provider also intended as technical advice, logistics and availability.


SEBINO PACK takes care about environmental matter so its business is going in this direction

we ‎do not inherit earth from our ancestors but we borrow it from our children (a Navaho proverb)

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