Company profile

Company profile


The SEBINO PACK, a young and modern company in the packaging industry provides BIG BAGS (flexible packaging in polypropylene) and complementary packages.

Our philosophy

The philosophy of SEBINO PACK is to be a partner who can accompany the client in proposing the most ideal choice of packaging solutions, and be a service provider also intended as technical advice, logistics and availability.

Quick replies

All SEBINO PACK team is at disposal to a customer to supply maximum technical support with knowledge, Professionality and passion.

Worldwide logistics

Thanks to a worldwide logistics chain SEBINO PACK can supply many kind of bags in a short time and everywhere. We also support and suggest customers to buy the right packaging solutions to better respond to their needs.

Get out of the confusion, find simplicity

SEBINO PACK is always focused to search new and innovative packaging solutions to be first to supply them to customers.
In our warehouses we have many kind of big bags, small bags and other packaging goods. We are also proud to be a supplier of innovative AD STAR bags for cement, feed and chemical sector ‎because they are strong, light and they have nice printing. Sebino Pack is a supplier of SLING BAGS to cover needs of export matters. Our sling bags can be upto Swl 2000 kg and delivered in a very fast time.
Discover us and all our facilities on google plus page and ask a quote that we will be happy to send you our best prices.

Supply chain and Inventory management

In our warehouse we have various types of items in stock and on request we can provide customized solutions.
Important attention is paid to the quality of materials and the service provided. We are therefore able to provide certified products and in a short time (24-48 hours).


The Organization SEBINOPACK, operating in the field of marketing of flexible intermediate bulk containers (big bags), declares its commitment to the implementation of a policy for quality and safety that respects the aims below indicated. The primary goal is customer satisfaction ensuring worker safety and hygiene of workplaces, goal aims to achieve by providing them with products in line with market needs, punctual delivery, in compliance technical reference standards. The geography of markets is that imposed by the current policy of globalization and the Sebinopack intends to act as a aims to increase its market share over time constantly acquiring new customers thanks to the high quality of services offered and for an immediate availability of products required. The market where the organization is operating is one of the producers of raw materials and semifinished products and waste disposal companies in need of reliable, high-performance products. In order to offer quality products at competitive prices the Organization considers it necessary to operate through a logic of cost rationalization and continuous improvement.This type of philosophy presupposes the definition of appropriate indicators dedicated to constantly monitor; trends over time of the values of these indicators is key input to assist the Board of Direction in choosing appropriate strategies. The consistency of the quality policy adopted by the Organization’s operating context is discussed (at least) once a year on the occasion of the management review activities during which are considered, evaluated and discussed all aspects of this policy. Maintaining an effective quality management system within the organization is essential for achieving the goals indicated. The Board of direction is also convinced that to be able to successfully implement the quality policy enunciated the need for a broad sharing and that this policy should be disclosed in all levels of the organization.

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